Sweet Cakes


What are Sweet Cakes, I hear you say? A cake made of only sweets. There is no sponge, no fruit, no icing. Just a whole lot of sweets! 

All our Sweet Cakes are made fresh, no more than 24 hours before your order is required. Below show some examples and their pricings. So, what are the sweet cakes made with and what sweets are used? The wall of each sweet cake is created with Marshmallows or Jelly Babies onto a covered board.

These can be male or female coloured so let us know when ordering who the sweet cake is going to be for so we can colour coordinate. The inside is then packed full of a wide variety of penny type pick n mix sweets! 

Our Cake Prices

Please look at some of the examples below of Sweet Cakes we have provided, for some of our customers.

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Sweet Cake Designs

The Sweet Cakes are then completed with a top layer of larger fun type sweets, which hold the smaller ones all in place, before being cellophane wrapped to make them keep their freshness. If there are any special requirements, including allergies or preferences, please let us know.

The wide range of sweets we have means that we are able to do this. Once your sweet cake is opened, left-overs can be transferred to a Tupperware tub so the sweets can be enjoyed for a lot longer (if they even last that long).

Number-3 Sweet Cake
Number 4 Sweet Cakes
Number 5 Sweet Cakes
Number 6 Style Sweet Cakes
Number 6 Style Sweet Cakes
Number 7 Style Sweet Cakes
Number 7 Sweet Cakes Design
Number 7 Sweet Cakes
Number 8 Sweetcake
Number 9 Style Sweet Cakes
Letter A Sweetcake
Letter C Sweetcake
Letter D Sweetcake
Letter G Sweetcake
Letter H Sweetcake
Letter L Sweetcake
Letter N Sweet cake
Number 0 Sweet Cake
Letter P Sweet cake
Letter S Sweet Cake

As well as numbers, letters and shapes, which are our most popular sweet cake orders, we can also provide bespoke designs. These can be seasonal such as Pumpkins for Halloween, Christmas trees or Christmas puddings for Christmas, or even a pint of beer for Dad on Father’s Day.

We have also made character sweet cakes and other items so do not hesitate to message us and we will be more than happy, to help you with your design ideas.

Obviously, you do need to bear in mind that these bespoke designs depending on complexity, and so they need to be able to be recreated in sweets. 

If you’d like chocolates added to your sweet cake or a sweet cake made of chocolates only, just give us a message and we can have a chat about your requirements. There will be an extra charge for chocolates.

Want to place an order? Contact us today by telephone, or even message on our Live Chat which is monitored during our office hours.

Double-Digit Sweet Cakes

Letter P Sweet cake
Number 0 Sweet Cake
Letter L Sweetcake
21 Sweet Cake Design
Letter N Sweet cake
Number30 Sweet cake
Number 49 Sweetcake
Number 0 Sweet Cake